Weightloss Journal

May 17th, 2016 Ok so I decided to add this page so that I can chronicle my journey with my diet. I changed the name of my blog back to Low Carb Kitchen b/c I still have recipes I love to share and its gathered some age and in the world of blogging that is key. What I will try to do is keep this page updated monthly. Right now my weight has hit a big plateau and so my focus is just to maintain for now. I have had some stress in my life and until I get a fix on that aspect I am doubtful that my weight can drop any further for the time being. Sometimes we have to get the world around us straight so that we can go internally and make that work better and that is what I feel is the case here. So for now, Im maintaining, and every day I get on the scale and it says roughly the same thing, it's a good day..well aside from some of the recent stresses of my life.

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