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Top low carb recipes

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This list of recipes offers suggestions for a complete low carb menu. If you live in the south, low carb is a foreign word in our culture, however it is never too late to start making those changes, and these recipes will get you inspired. If you live in South Carolina and would love to purchase fresh produce to make the Zucchini side dish in this article, see: Carolina Produce Company, for options on fresh produced shipped direct.

Low carb french toast
French toast is a delicious meal to have in the morning. It can be a versatile decadent food that can also be suitable for a dessert that can be had any time of day. Ordinarily, French toast would be off of the low carb menu due to the sugars/ carbs in the types of bread being used, luckily there are a number of great low carb breads on the market today.
This recipe uses low carb bread, healthy Almond milk, and a cooking spray that is tasty and has zero fat,calories,carbs,etc. Add splenda for extra sweetness and you have a tasty breakfast that is healthier for sure! Read the rest of the recipe here: Low carb french toast

Reduced carb southern fried chicken
If there is one thing Southerners are known for it is our southern fried chicken. There is no family reunion, church function or Sunday dinner that doesn't have this wonderful feast for the senses. The savory crunch, and juicy tender meat with just the right spices will guarantee a full house on any event where food is served. There are a lot of different versions and recipes for fried chicken. Some use buttermilk, some use egg and flour. The simplest way is the southern way. That being said, we all know that fried anything isn't particularly healthy. Trying to find the right taste, without the extra carbs and fat is a real challenge. Here's a version that is lower in fat and carbs, but still retains most of the great flavors we all love in fried chicken. Now if Colonel Sanders would get a clue, we'd all be happy? Right? Try this next time you have a craving for fried chicken and see if you can taste the healthy difference? If you can't that is a good thing. Get the recipe here: Reduced Carb southern fried chicken

Baked zucchini with herbs
On a cookie sheet covered with non stick aluminum foil add two to three tablespoons of low sodium soy sauce and lemon pepper. Sprinkle several tablespoons of fresh or dried parsley and paprika. Take two large zucchinis and cut individual ½ inch round slices and place on cookie sheet. Once cookie sheet is covered, brush zucchini with melted butter and drizzle soy sauce over all zucchini slices. Finish with parsley, paprika, garlic powder,salt and lemon pepper on the top of zucchini and bake in preheated oven at 400 F degrees for around 25 minutes. Start checking around 20 minutes.

Low carb chocolate brownies
Whenever we diet, we tend to crave things we ordinarily can not have. Especially sweets and chocolate. Flavorful Pecans from the south make this brownie absolutely divine. This brownie recipe will fill that craving with its delicious and generous chocolate flavor. A low carb brownie is the best type of brownie to enjoy. Healthy and easy to make try this recipe. Try these low carb brownies that have only 2 grams of net carbs per serving, crumbled in frozen yogurt too!
Read the recipe here: Low carb chocolate brownies

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