Sunday, November 1, 2015

The great diet debate

Zdice, Beroun District, Central Bohemian Regio...
Zdice, Beroun District, Central Bohemian Region, the Czech Republic. A weight scale in the train station. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you've been reading the headliners on the home pages of Google, may have run across articles talking about diets and which ones are the best. Well, naturally I saw a lot of comments on the subject and one from someone who was advising everyone how to eat that had admittedly never even had a weight problem.

 Sigh..these commenters bother me the most because unless you've been overweight and have successfully kept the weight off for  a significant period of time I am not convinced that you aren't just genetically blessed with a good metabolism.

This commenter said no one in their family was overweight, and assumed it was their perfectly healthy eating habits that were the credit and so felt they could school everyone on how to lose weight. How do you tell others how to lose weight, when you've never ever had to lose any?

 If you've never been overweight, chances are you have inherited the right genes over dieting practices. We've all known skinny people that could eat everything and not gain a pound. So for those that have never had a weight problem to tackle, please, stop telling others how to lose weight. I'm sure you don't want a fat person telling you how to stay thin, right? Ok with that being said, I will say that most of the articles again pointed to low carb as being the most successful diet.
English: A pile of Wheat Thins crackers, made ...
English: A pile of Wheat Thins crackers, made by Nabisco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like doing low carb, but I follow a loose version of it, focusing primarily on portion control and limiting my overall in take of food. Is it easy? Not really. Some nights I just want to head down stairs and go raid my fridge. Other nights, I fall asleep and then wake up and do it.

Cross section of celery stalk, showing vascula...

Cross section of celery stalk, showing vascular bundles, which include both phloem and xylem. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What helps is opting for something healthy when I get the munchies. I will eat a few pieces of cheese, a stalk or two of celery and some salad dressing for dipping. I make sure to have a few Wheat thins too..All in a tiny bowl. The crunch of the celery and wheat thins, and the decadent-feels like Im cheating of the cheese and salad dressing..somehow do the trick. I also always drink a bottle of water too. This helps with making me feel full. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The bottom line is no diet works if you can't or wont follow it. Find one that you can stick to.


Eva Thomas said...

I totally agree with this. It is amazing how many people who have never had to fight an overweight problem makes it seems like to lose the extra weight is nothing. Changing your eating habit and disciplining yourself is key (for me) it is like working from home.. we cannot just sit there and twitch our nose to make our work get done so we can make money. Well, you cannot twitch your nose and expect to lose weight if you do not put time and effort into it. It is all about having the crunch I am telling you... I never thought I would say that but if I do not have something crunchy I am not a happy trooper.

Dawn Gagnon said...

Eva I am exactly the same way, I have to have something crunchy and that is something that is sadly lacking in the low carb world save for low carb bread that you can toast..however I do know you can make chips with Parmesan cheese right in the oven. If you havent tried this its pretty yummy.

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