Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Walking: Will it help you on your weight loss journey?

An example of walking in sandals.
An example of walking in sandals. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
While some would argue that as a weight loss strategy walking does little to burn significant calories, I'd have to say they may be overlooking the big picture. The big picture is that walking should not be just about weight. It also is about improving your stamina, building your metabolism and getting your heart pumping so that in time you'll be able to do more, and that includes extra exercises that burn more calories.

We've all got to start some where and for those that are morbidly obese, walking is a great first step-no pun intended. Most people even those 100 lbs overweight can manage a short walk every day or every other day. The idea is to get started.  Small brisk walks are easier on the joints, and wont cause the same level of pain jogging, or other strenuous exercises cause and this is key. No one will keep up a regime if it hurts. Period.

So remember, starting somewhere, even short walks to the end of your neighborhood street and back is better than sitting at home and looking out the window or spending all of your free time on the internet. The worst thing you can do is settle into  a sitting routine. Whether its in front of the television set or computer, it's a bad habit, and will let the weight pile on.  So, with that, I gotta get off this computer, and go find something that keeps me moving. You do the same.  Keep on moving, and don't give up! Remember weight loss should never just be about what a scale says, it should be about health..

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