Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Weight loss update: Holding steady Plateau number 2

English: Old Weighing scale
English: Old Weighing scale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Is a plateau a bad thing?

Ok so I'm between 110 lbs down or 105 lbs down depending on what time of day I get on the scale, but one thing is for sure and that is this is my plateau battle for the second time. It's definitely been slowing down, but here's the good news and I hope you find it as a good way of looking at it too. Plateaus are frustrating yes, but they also have their place in the plate is half full world, and that is that it means, over a period of time that you are maintaining your weight loss. You may not be dropping them lbs like before, but alas you're not putting the weight back on and in the big scheme of things, this is by far more important.

Weight fluctuations: Don't Panic

A few pounds here and there, back and forth are just normal with the human body and I defy anyone to say it isn't. Especially for women, since we have lovely hormonal fluctuations that cause us to retain water, crave sweets or salty things and in my case the added "joy" of  Hypothyroidism, which doesn't lend itself well to any sufferers weigh loss endeavors. So if you find it fluctuates a little from time to time, do not have a melt down, do not let it feel like defeat, but let it be a reminder that things can go back to the way they were if you aren't careful. The fact that you catch a 3 lb difference in your weight suggests that you're doing the right thing. Many times abandoning weighing on the scale is the first step back on the road of weight gain, and its a fast trip on what can be a very short road.

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