Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Diet strategies for the morbidly obese

One struggle with those weighing 100 lbs. over their ideal weight is exercise. Exercise is often a painful and overwhelming practice that most morbidly obese people will not follow through with, or even attempt in the first place.

Let's get real
If it hurts it's not gonna happen. Realistically speaking, those who are 100 pounds or more over their ideal weight can not exercise with any success if they experience pain. Pain in the joints, as well as back pain can often be worsened through many exercises, even walking. Most of these pains will subside or lessen with weight loss so the obvious strategy may be to focus on weight loss primarily and include low impact exercise along the way. See Is the exercise industry forgetting the obese? For exercise equipment made for those over 250 lbs.

The 3 plus 1 meal 
Most successful diets focus on portion control and foods that are in a healthy balance. Rather than joining diet programs that call for minute amounts of tasteless prepackaged, processed foods there is a more viable strategy. The 3 plus 1 meal simply states that you have 2 cups vegetables, 1 serving of a whole grain and 1 lean meat no bigger than the palm of your hand.  Leafy greens such as Kale, Collards, Cabbage, Spinach you can have as much as you like with any meal. Keep in mind that if you load these greens with fats, your diet will back fire. Try powerful seasonings like hot sauce, lemon juice and herbs and spices to enhance their flavor.

The 2 inches in, 2 inches off plate
Now this is a simple trick, but it also calls for portion control. Simply make sure when you use your 3 plus 1 meal plan that you are 2 inches away from the edge of your dinner plate. It won't necessarily get you an instant two inches off your waistline immediately but as time goes by it will help you shed the excess.

8 minutes on your Wii Fit every day
It sounds like a small insignificant amount but even the famed Dr. Oz says that working out for even 7 minutes a day is better than no exercise at all and will have some benefit. The brilliance of this is that it is do-able for even the very heavy person. Suggested exercise on Wii fit would be the stepping exercise. Each set lasts 8 minutes which makes it very easy to do and keep track of your workout. The Wii fit balance board is a  mere two inches off the floor and this exercise is low impact for almost everyone.  If you haven't invested in any exercise equipment, a Wii fit may be the best investment of all for the very obese. Wii fit takes up little space, and has a ton of easy to manage exercises ideal for those who need some low impact exercise. There are many levels and as you get healthier, you can increase your work out to eventually get to that 30 minutes of exercise a day optimum.

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